Migraine Headache Cures

If you suffer from migraine there is nothing more comforting than finding a migraine headache cure to end your woes. Migraine prevents you from properly engaging with your regular activities due to the nagging pain in your head. However – just as any sickness has a treatment, migraine headache can be alleviated using some of the methods below.

There are generally two types of migraine headache cures: natural & medicinal. Natural cures are usually pursued when the migraine are still manifesting its symptoms. You do not have to worry about suffering from debilitating side-effects, which are associated with medicinal drugs, when using natural cures because they do not involve the intake of drugs. Also, this type of migraine cure is cost-effective, since almost all of the methods can be done without having to pay for expensive medication prescribed by your doctor.

When you feel that you are about to experience a migraine headache, take action & stop it from happening by getting some rest. Overexertion is one of the chief causes of migraine, so attempt to avoid engaging in physical activity at the onset of migraine symptoms. Accompany your rest by holding a cold compress on the part of your head experiencing throbbing pain. Pursue a healthier diet during this period, such as drinking fruit juices to detoxify your body, & cutting down on the intake of food products containing caffeine, known to increase the frequency of the headaches. Lastly, give yourself a light massage for a relaxed, peaceful state of mind.

The disadvantage in pursuing natural migraine headache cures is that cures can be limited & hit & miss. Natural cures can be highly effective at preventing a migraine, but once the migraine starts, natural cures may not adequately treat symptoms. There is more. This is where medicinal cures come to the fore. Migraine headache are believed to occur because of narrowing of the blood vessels, which leads to a lack of blood flow in the vessels of your brain. What these medicines do is penetrate deep into the brain & gradually decrease the migraine until it restores your bodily functions, totally getting rid of the headache.

If your migraine is just in its primary stages, you can use anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal drugs, which serve to disrupt the production of prostaglandin, which is the cause of pain & fever, in the body. There are many functions that an anti-inflammatory drug does to a body, but in this case, it prevents the clotting of the blood that causes the headache. There are different kinds of medicinal cure such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, & naproxen, among many others. However – if this type of medicinal cure does not work, more potent & capable serotonin receptor drugs are usually prescribed. Dihydroergotamine & ergotamine are two of the most reliable serotonin receptor drugs that are used for preventive measures.

Although using this type of migraine headache cures may harbor immediate results, it can also lead to long-term damages & side-effects. There is more. There are certain drugs that produce allergic reactions to a person, so you must be wary & proceed with caution before even planning to take these drugs.

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Finding The Elusive Migraines Cure

Most doctors say that there is little information available for migraines cure. Treating migraines is often centered on the management of the symptoms. There is more. The treatment of migraines is dependent on the severity of the attacks encountered & how often the attacks occur. Most often, drugs that can be purchased over the counter such as Tylenol or acetaminophen & non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen & aspirin are prescribed.

NSAID are often prescribed initially by most doctors. There is more. They look to determine whether these drugs can alleviate the pain caused by migraines. Abortive and/or preventive medications are tried at later stages of treatment because they often have more side effects. An abortive drug is a medicine that focuses on stopping the headache while preventive drugs are those that stop the headache. The most commonly used abortive drugs are triptans, ergotamine derivatives & midrin. Preventative drugs include beta blockers, calcium channel blockers & anticonvulsants.

Complementary therapies should be combined with drug medication during the search for a migraines cure for patients experiencing attacks. Acupuncture can be an alternative, this involves the placement of very thin needles at certain points in the skin in order to produce the altered energy flow on the body to bring about a cessation of the attacks. Biofeedback & relaxation techniques can also be actually considered as another option to reduce stress & tension that may cause a migraine attack.

The use of herbs may prove beneficial for some people. Some have found a migraines cure using herbs such as the feverfew & butterbur, both of which have shown to be effective in the prevention of migraines. However – the use of these herbs & complementary therapies should only be carried out following consultation with doctors to ensure that they are safe to be used.

More often than not, drug treatments prescribed by most doctors can have side effects that may cause other types of headaches among the patients. Instead of reducing the pain the side effects of sustained medication can cause further problems for the migraine sufferer.

The best treatment for migraines is through the identification & avoidance of the causes that trigger an attack. Migraines can be caused by stress, hangover, allergic triggers, & diet amongst other causes & are often worsened by dehydration. Drinking of red wine & having too little or too much sleep can be a precursor to an attack. Since exercise can also be a trigger for migraines attack, experts advise that a moderate amount of exercise can be performed provided that it does not cause stress.

The goal of treatment for migraines is to lessen the frequency of attacks & alleviate the symptoms with the use of as few drugs as possible, to reduce experiencing the side effects. Overuse of the abortive drugs & pain relievers tend to cause rebound headaches which may nullify the effect of migraines cure. This type of headache happens when the effect of the medication has worn off thus, prompting the patient to take another dose. Eventually, headache may be experienced whenever the patient stops the intake of the drugs. There is more. Therefore, it is relevant that patients with migraines take only medicines prescribed by their doctors. Looking for an effective medicine for migraine may take some time & patience.

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What Causes Migraines

Have you ever experienced severe headache that lasted for a few hours or up to three days? The pain can really be throbbing & you observe that only a part or ½ of your head is actually aching. If you can relate to this situation, you are likely to be suffering from migraine. You probably have heard about this neurological condition. You are likely to be searching for effective, potent & practical treatment for your migraine attacks. However – just like all physical & medical conditions, you must first find out what causes migraine.

Up until recently, the exact causes of migraines have remained unknown. However – tedious & thorough studies & research over the years has established that there’re certain triggers that have been identified that are now understood to lead to migraine episodes. There is more. These triggers are known to almost always cause migraine attacks among patients. Here are many of those identified migraine triggers:

Fluctuations in hormones – Most women who experience regular attacks of migraines notice that such headaches occur before the onset & during their monthly menstruation. Experts explain that hormonal changes during menstruation trigger the manifestation of migraine. That can be because it has been observed that declining levels of estrogen lead to migraine episodes. You know that estrogen, a female physiological hormone, also drops when during pregnancy. That explains why some pregnant women suffer from severe & regular headaches during pregnancy. Women undergoing menopause also experience migraine because of the low levels of estrogen in the bloodstream.

Several foods – There are many types of foods that have been identified as triggers for migraine attacks. There is more. Though some experts cite skipping meals & starvation to occasional onsets of the severe headaches, consumption of many types of foods have been observed to almost always lead to migraine episodes. Such foods include aged cheese, marinated foods, chocolates & citrus fruits. Coffee is also known to cause headaches as well as foods that contain monosodium glutamate, which is a common ingredient of most Chinese & Asian dishes. Aspartame, an artificial food sweetener present in diet beverages, can also lead to occasional migraine attacks.

Stress – As usual, stress is also a known factor that could possibly lead to severe headaches. A long & hard week of strenuous mental & physical activity almost always leads to migraine over the weekend. Stress can be incurred at the work place or at home. Relaxation is found to be an effective offset to stress.

Sensory stimuli – Very bright lights coming from powerful bulbs & sun glares are reported to cause migraine attacks. Likewise, strong odor from perfumes, smoke & citrus fruits are also known to become potent triggers.

Sleeping habit changes – Abrupt & drastic changes in sleeping pattern has been observed to cause severe migraine headaches among patients. Sudden changes in sleeping hours also cause some people to lack sleep, which in turn can also aggravate & lead to what else, but migraine.

Overall, what causes migraines differs among patients. There is more. The factors that lead to severe headaches almost always vary. Some people experience migraine due to food consumption, some due to lack of sleep, & some due to hormonal imbalances. Right. Whatever, it would be better if you would respond to the condition positively.

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Migraine Pain – Wise Ways to Squash Migraine Pain

Nearly 30 million Americans suffer from the debilitating, life-altering pain of migraine. Learn what causes the throb & how to stop it.

Who Gets Migraine

It’s not clear why some people develop migraines & others don’t. If both your parents are migraine sufferers, there’s a 75 percent chance you will be one, too. If only one parent is, your risk drops to 50 percent. And if a distant relative complains of the headaches, there’s still a 20 percent chance you could end up a migraineur. (That’s the term used to describe a migraine sufferer.) Your gender may predispose you to migraines as well: Women are three times more likely than men to get this type of headache.

What Happens

“The brain of a migraine sufferer is inherently more sensitive than the brains of others,” says Fred Freitag, D.O., associate director of the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago—and himself a migraineur. “When this sensitive brain gets bombarded by outside & inside stimuli, cells in the cortex of the brain become hyperexcited & start a process of electrical discharge.” As electrical impulses spread across the surface of the brain, chemicals that dilate blood vessels & inflame surrounding tissue are released & kick into action. These chemicals trigger a series of events that eventually produce the throbbing pain (usually on one side of the head), nausea, & sensitivity to light & sound that are hallmark migraine symptoms. Before the headache comes on, about one third of sufferers also experience an aura—flashes of light, blind spots or zigzag lines, or tingling in the face & arm.

What Can be Done

Avoiding triggers is the first step to heading migraines off. Headache experts usually have migraineurs keep a diary for two to three months to identify foods, external factors & behaviors that might be making their heads throb. Then they are now ready for action. “If you that know certain foods give you a headache, avoid them,” says Dr. Freitag. Also, get on a schedule. Eat at regular times & go straight to bed & get up at the same time every day. If you go straight to bed at 11 & get up at 6 all week but sleep in on Saturday, your blood sugar will drop because you are eating breakfast later. In addition, your internal clock gets thrown off. “Both can stimulate a sensitive brain,” says Dr. Freitag.

Eat a healthy diet. Magnesium-rich foods, such as wholegrain breads & pasta, may help stave off migraines. And exercise regularly. Even 20 minutes of aerobic exercise a few times per week stimulates the production of endorphins, the brain’s natural painkillers. Relaxation training, acupuncture & massage can help, too. If these measures are not enough, ask your doctor whether you are a candidate for medication. The good news: With a little trial & error, experts say, you can usually find relief.

Trigger Effect

Experts have identified a slew of stimuli that can cause migraine attacks. There is more. These range from preservatives to perfumes to changes in barometric pressure. In women, hormone levels are often to blame. “Their hormones peak, drop during ovulation & then climb again, & then fall just before menstruation,” says Robert Kunkel, M.D., a consultant in the department of neurology at the Cleveland Clinic Headache Center. “It seems to be the fall of estrogen levels in the blood that excites brain cells, not hormone levels per se.”

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Botox Injection as a treatment for Migraine headaches

Migraines are serious medical conditions for many people & even though there’re a variety of treatments for migraine pain, few are considered desirable treatments by patients. Botox injections are a relatively new treatment available, & migraine sufferers are reporting positive results with less after effects than with more traditional treatments. There is more. The discovery of Botox as a headache pain reducer happened purely by accident, yet it is now one of the more promising techniques for dealing with migraines.

Migraine attacks are painful episodes where sufferers have debilitating discomfort in the head. The pain associated with migraines is very intense. Researchers have suggested that migraine conditions are associated with a pre-disposition to strokes. Dealing with migraines proactively rather than just living with them, as people have done in the past is very important. The quality of the migraine sufferer is often not even a consideration of many traditional therapies. There is more. They were focused on relieving the pain somehow. The patient was left to do what they could to deal with the personal consequences of these attacks which could last for long periods of time.

The source or cause of migraines is not understood well enough, howevera variety of approaches are recommended by doctors & other health care professionals to deal with the disorder. The two main approaches to managing migraines are (a) preventive & (b) abortive. Abortive therapy for migraine attacks seeks to control the factors that lead to an attack.

Preventative treatments are used when a sufferer has few attacks. Doctors may prescribe drugs used to lower blood pressure, anti-depressants, anti-seizure medications, & anti-histamines. Here it the issue may be an inflammatory tissue problem that generates the pain.

Each individual patient may have different symptoms & underlying medical conditions that result in the migraines, so each will need a different treatment. Pain medications such as Advil, Aspirin & Tylenol are old reliables when it comes to treating headache pain, howevermigraines are not a typical form of headache. Many sufferers took pain medications for years only to find they would not work any longer. That’s lead to the search for new solutions & treatments for sufferers.

Some research has suggested muscle tension may be a causative factor. Certainly, as a migraine sufferer endures years of pain & is missing work & not enjoying their social & family life, they will begin to tense up. This is where blood pressure can rise & anxiety & depression can result. Muscle tension can occur in the patient’s scalp & head region.

Botox injections are treatments where a trained health professional injects small amounts of a substance called Botox into specific muscles in the individual persons face & scalp areas. Botox is a trademarked substance manufactured exclusively by Allergan Inc. of Irvine California. Allergan distributes the product to a variety of doctors, clinics & qualified health care professionals for administering to patients who need them. Botox is well known as a beauty treatment, but through clinical use, it was discovered that it could be used in the treatment of headaches & even chronic sweating conditions.

Botox is made from a naturally occurring & common poison called Clostridium botulinum. In large doses it is toxic, but in small injectable doses, it can stop muscle nerves from sending & receiving impulses. Right. When injected into a muscle, the muscle relaxes. In beauty treatments, it causes unattractive facial wrinkles & skin folds to soften. The presence of deep lines & folds on skin gives you an idea 💡 of how prolonged muscle tension can affect bodily tissues. In the case of muscles on the scalp, the tension in them can put pressure on parts of the skull & create aches. Right. With the inhibiting effect on neuroligical transmission, certain neurological pain transmitters are also inhibited. The collective result is the diminishment of headache.

Use of Botox injections for migraines does not mean the underlying condition is resolved, howeverfor many sufferers, relief from painful, debilitating migraines is all they want.

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