What Are The Sinus Headache Symptoms?

Could you have a sinus headache? Do you know what the sinus headache symptoms are? Nothing is more of a pain than a headache. In actual fact, the Chinese use headache as an adjective to describe things that bother them in the same way that we use the phrase “pain in the neck”. Headaches are no laughing matter. Chronic headache pain can seriously disrupt people’s lives. Perhaps worse than the headache is not knowing what kind of headache you have. Knowing what the sinus headache symptoms are can help you either rule out sinus headache or correctly diagnose it.

Sinus headache symptoms are painful like other headaches. There is more. The difference is the pain is localized in the sinus area. The sufferer of a sinus headache will feel intense pain in the forehead. This is the upper region of sinus cavity. The pain will continue down through the bridge of nose & finally into the cheeks. There is more. The sufferer should not feel pain in any other region of the head.

Other sinus headache symptoms include stuffy ears. If you have ever flown in an airplane with congested sinus & experienced that terrible pain in your ears, then you know that the ears will be affected when you have sinus trouble. Always bring some benadryl when you go on a flight. Other sinus headache symptoms are facial swelling, a fever & nasal discharge. Also, sufferers of a sinus headache will feel an increase in pain with sudden quick movement of the head or if you strain.

Treatment of a sinus headache can be a two part approach. First, you want to treat the sinus issue. You should visit a doctor to see if you have a sinus infection. If you do, he or she will probably prescribe an antibiotic. I personally attempt to avoid taking antibiotics if at all possible because I believe they do more harm than good. Rather, I take large doses of probiotics. Seventy percent of our immune system is in the digestive track. Probiotics flood your system with the good bacteria needed to boost your immune system & fight off disease. In any event, if you often suffer from sinus headache symptoms, you might have a deficient immune system. Do you eat a lot of sugar-laden foods & beverages? Sugar kills your immune system. Take a close look at your diet to see if your lifestyle is the reason for your sinus headaches.

The second aspect of treating a sinus headache involves treating the symptoms. Your doctor can suggest the proper painkillers to ease the pain. This may involve taking an antihistamine.

As I always say, be sure you find out why you are getting sinus headaches. Do not just treat the symptoms & ignore the cause of your condition. This may include examining your diet & lifestyle habits & possibly changing them.

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