Forms Of Migraine And Headache Relief

There are an umpteen number of migraine & headache relief solutions available in the market. The remedies available vary from the natural therapies to the medicinal alternatives. There is more. The effect of these therapies may howeverdiffer from person to person, there is a need to identify which one suits best for you & select accordingly.

Before funneling down these options for a suitable remedy, it is advisable to know the cause & triggering factors of the headache. For migraine in particular, headache is caused by hormonal fluctuations, which cause blood vessels in the head & neck to contract & then dilate. This dilation of the blood vessels that causes headache, the first stage of which may last anywhere from minutes to days. There is more. This dilation accompanies changes in the interplay of hormones leading to contracted & then over-dilated blood vessels.

The effect of the remedies may differ from person to person, there is a need to identify which one suits best for you & select accordingly. It is always advisable to consult a doctor & plan out the best method for you in regards to the treatment of your headaches. However – there still is certain temporary relief available but for permanent cure a doctor should be consulted.

For a short-term temporary relief certain things would fetch immediate results. There is more. To list a few: Have a bath or shower; lie down to rest in a dark room; avoid bright & flashing lights; put something cold on the back of your neck or your forehead; have a drink of water or natural juice; press on two pressure points at the back of your neck; avoid sources of stress in your life; take some vitamins.

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