Personal Injury – Who Pays Compensation?

After the rapid introduction of claims management companies during the 1990’s, it has become increasingly common for people to make “no win no fee” personal injury claims. However – there is still some confusion as to what constitutes a claim & who pays the compensation. Many believe there is a magical ‘compensation pot’ from which personal injury compensation is taken & worry that, by making a claim, they will be taking money from people who may deserve it more. This is not the case as we will now discuss…

The two most common types of accidents occur on the road or in the work place. For information on other types of accident or injury, including medical negligence, accidents in the home etc. please visit The National Accident Helpline.

Motor personal injury claims (injuries obtained in a road accident) account for the majority of personal injury claims. In actual fact, approximately 62% of people who are injured in a road traffic accident (RTA) are eligible to claim compensation. Whiplash is by far the most common injury caused in RTA’s, with 250,000 cases being reported each year.

If an injury is caused by another driver, then their insurance will cover damages owed to a claimant. OK. Similarly, if a RTA was caused by the bad πŸ˜₯ conditions of a road then the Highways Authority will be required to pay compensation as it is their duty to maintain the roads. You will usually not actually be eligible for a claim if your accident was caused by a pedestrian or cyclist as they are not legally required to have an insurance policy to protect themselves against such incidences.

Although in recent years work related injury claims have decreased, almost ½ of all accidents still occur in the work place – most of these coming from the construction sector. Injuries at work can be as minor as a sprained ankle from slipping on an unclean surface. If you think you may be eligible to make a claim then complete an on line claim form

Many victims of work related accidents will not make a claim for fear that they will either lose their job or suffer ‘negative repercussions’ at work as a result. These fears are unjustified as employers are legally required to have Employers Liability Insurance to cover such occurrences. There is more. To qualify for compensation following a work related injury, a claimant must be easily able to prove that the accident was caused by an employer’s failure to ensure you can carry out your work safely.

If you still have questions regarding a compensation claim, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page

The Truth about Over the Counter Medicines for Headaches

Almost virtually everyone has used over the counter medications at one time or another in their lives to treat headaches. Lets face it, when your head starts throbbing, the fasting thing you can to alleviate the pain is grab some over the counter ibuprofen, aspirin or acetaminophen. These types of medications have become a way of life for many people.

Over the counter pain relievers such as these are made to obstruct the production of prostaglandins in your body. Prostaglandins are the source of pain in the body. They are a made up of a substance much like hormones. Prostaglandins play very important roles in the body & most people are not aware of exactly what those roles are. By blocking the production of prostaglandins, you can effect other parts of your body’s regular functions.

Prostaglandins help to keep your blood pressure regulated as well as helping your kidneys functions properly & the also with the gastric acid secretions. By using over the counter medications to treat your headaches, you are really in a no win situation. On one hand your headache is gone but on the other hand you can be risking complications with your blood pressure as well as your kidneys or possibly even your liver.

With repeated use of such over the counter medications you can run the risk of even greater problems including such side effects as: nervous behavior, breathing problems, high blood pressure, cramping, nausea, diarrhea & indigestion, tension, constipation & even more headaches. Many people overlook such side effects as they are only focused on getting rid of the pain.

Before choosing an over the counter pain management for your headache, be sure you know the side effects of the medications. You want to make an educated choice & weigh your options carefully. If you are searching for short term relief, such medications as aspirin, ibuprofen & acetaminophen can be a good choice. If you suffer with headaches on a regular basis then you will want to talk with your doctor to find a better pain management plan.

It is better to find the cause of the headache & treat it rather then to just treat the headache symptoms. Once you & your doctor know why you are getting the headaches, you can begin to fix the real problem not just the symptoms. Perhaps it is stress that is causing the headaches, therefore if you help to alleviate the stress the headaches will not actually be a problem. Some people can even suffer headaches from certain foods, so avoidance of those foods that trigger the headaches will keep the pains at bay.

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Alzheimer’s & Video Games – Can Playing Games Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s?

As our population gets older people are searching for new ways to keep their minds sharp. No one looks forward to a time when their mental faculties weaken. The latest trend is for older people to play video & computer games, as well as other games requiring mental agility. Millions of baby boomers & beyond are spending many hours each week with games designed to maintain manual dexterity & cognitive powers usually associated with people of a much younger age.

The video game manufacturers are rising to the occasion. They are learning how to market to an audience twice or two times the usual age for these products. In the past the older audience expressed a profound dislike for video & computer games. But now that they are seeing the potential benefits to their memory, attention span & problem solving ability the games seem more attractive.

Some are even saying that by playing these games on a regular basis the risk of Alzheimer’s disease may be reduced. This could also be true for all those adults with attention deficit disorder or dementia.

If you’re thinking about taking up video games as a way to stave off old age, remember that nutrition & exercise also play a large role in maintaining strong memory & other mental functions. A combination of stimulation from a variety of sources is probably the best bet if you want to keep your mind fine tuned.

Cognitive abilities can also be improved by changing your routine, like brushing your hair with the opposite hand or using your non-dominant hand to do laundry or dishes. Physical exercise for at least twenty minutes each day will also keep the blood flowing to the brain & other organs. Playing cards or board games or playing a musical instrument may also strengthen the link between the synapses & neurons in the brain.

The best idea πŸ’‘ is to keep your mind stimulated & continue to find new things to be learning. Conversation with a variety of people will also help to maintain mental acuity. A variety of methods, including video & computer games, may be the key to years of enjoying a healthy body & sharp mind.

Connie Ragen Green is a motivational writer, speaker, & mentor. To find out more visit her at

Caregiver To Parent With Alzheimer’s – Do not Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Alzheimer’s disease has to be the most dreaded diagnosis. Right. We live in fear of it… For ourselves. For our loved ones.

Being a caregiver to an Alzheimer’s patient is hazardous to the caregiver’s physical, mental & emotional health.

The sad πŸ™ fact is that most Alzheimer’s patients have to be placed in nursing homes, eventually. As symptoms worsen, patient will need round-the-clock-care. Our homes are just not equipped to give proper care. And the toll on the caregiver is monumental.

If you are looking after a parent with Alzheimer’s, you probably know that their symptoms get much worse as the day wears on. This is called “sundowning”.

~~~Reasons for Sundowning~~~

1) patient becomes exhausted as day wears on. Mentally, physically & emotionally.

2) “internal body clock” is messed up

3) as lighting declines, shadows are increased

4) patient becomes disoriented because they are simply unable to separate dreams from reality

5) the elderly have less need for sleep

~~~What Can We Do To Lessen Sundowning?~~~

1) find ways to reduce agitation & sleeplessness

2) plan more active days if patient is up to it.

3) walking, socializing, light exercise

4) attempt to restrict sweets & caffeine to morning hours

5) seek medical advice if bladder & incontinence problems are present & medication to relax

~~~Behaviors For Sundowner’s Caregivers~~~

If patient becomes awake & is agitated, handle with kid gloves.

1) approach parent in calm manner

2) find out what they need & want

3) they will be disoriented so gently remind them of time of day

4) do not argue & demand explanations

5) reassure them with kindness, hugs & emotional warmth

For the caregiver & the Alzheimer’s patient, sundowning is a wretched part of the day. As you tend to your parent with Alzheimer’s, please take care of yourself as well.

(c) 2007 Karen Cook

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Karen Cook works in a Public Library where she helps care givers find information & gives them a shoulder. Karen was sole caregiver to her Mom who resided with Karen until her death in 2006.

Take Charge of Headaches & Heal Your Pain

At some point in your life, at one time or another, you will most likely experience a headache. There area many types of headaches so it goes with out saying that there’re many types of treatments that will work for various headaches. You do not have to sit in the dark, waiting for the headaches to go away. You can take charge of your headaches & heal the pain. Below is a list of common headaches that many suffer from & some various treatments that can help ease or even eliminate them.

Vascular headaches

Vascular headaches can come in many different ways. They are caused by a disturbance or swelling of the blood vessels in the head. These headaches may also been known as migraines, toxic headaches or cluster headaches. Generally, headaches such as cluster headaches can start rather quickly & can be very severe & possible even disabling. Thankfully they do not cause any permanent damage. Vascular headaches can be very detrimental to your daily life as they can last as long as a few hours

Treatment for vascular Headaches:

There are many ways to treat vascular headaches. There is the tried & true medication therapy. Some people do not like to have to take medication on a daily basis to keep the pesky painful headaches away so they can also turn to stress reduction & also take a closer look at what they are eating. Making sure that you exercise regularly, such as swimming, will help to ward off headaches as well. The use of cold packs at the onset of these types of headaches will help to reduce the swelling, which in turn will relieve the symptoms. You can also attempt applying pressure to the side where the pain, at certain pressure points in the bulging artery found at the front of your ear

Neck Spasm or Tension Headaches

A tension headache is perhaps one of the most common types of headaches. The pain usually radiates from the back, neck, eyes, or other muscles in the body. 90% of headaches are generally Tension-type headaches, with about 3% of the population suffering with chronic tension type headaches. People that complain a great deal about having a headache most likely have the chronic headaches. Chronic headaches are defined as headaches that come on a regular basis & have been present for a long time. There are people that suffer with these chronic headaches for many months only getting brief periods of relief.

Treatment for Neck Spasms or Tension Headaches

The tension-type headaches usually respond very well to paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen, all of which can be bought over the counter. You can give the effects of this type of medication with a simple cup of coffee or an antihistamine such as Benadryl, taken at the same time. However – if you suffer from chronic headaches you would want to avoid doing this as this can add to the headache. The chronic headaches can be a bit more hard to treat. There are some therapies that work well for the chronic headaches such as: Pharmacological therapy (medication), Non-pharmacological therapy (relaxation, exercise, acupuncture, heat) & avoiding things that will trigger such as foods.

Niacin Headache Relief

This type of treatment is still fairly new & is thought to be in its infancy. Even though the use of Niacin has not yet been officially proven to stop or relieve headaches it still shows a great deal of promising possibilities. Niacin, which is also known as the vitamin B3, can be easily found in many of the common foods that you eat daily. Such foods include the all time favorite turkey & can also be bought as a supplement in a range of doses.

Chiropractic Treatment

Studies have shown that treatments in chiropractic nature can actually decrease the length & frequency of headaches as well as the amount of painkillers that are needed for relief from the pain. For the treatment to work well, the proper diagnosis of the type of headache is key. You want to make certain that there’re no underlying causes for the headaches.

If you suffer from headaches, you should seek the advice of your physician. Together the two of you can come up with the treatment that best suits your condition, as no two peoples condition are exactly alike. You do not have to suffer, thinking there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There are many treatment options out there; the key is to finding the one that works best. Once you know what type of headache you suffer with, you can then plan the treatment accordingly.

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Structured Settlement Annuity Sale for Lump Sum – Should You Get Your Cash Now?

What If You Do Not Want to Wait for Your Structured Settlement Money?

When structured settlements are awarded from lawsuits such as product liability, personal injury, or accidents, in general an insurance company buys an annuity. This annuity pays a mixture of principal sum & an interest over an agreed period of time at a schedule that is agreed with the structured settlement payee. Having said that, the structured settlement recipients may be in a financial situation where the money is needed immediately & can notwait for the cash to be paid in small sums. Fortunately, the structured settlements can be exchanged for a large lump sum payout for all or some of the recipients’ future annuity payments. You can basically sell small part or your entire future entitlements to be paid over the years for a lump sum of cash now.

Should You Sell Your Structured Settlement or Annuity Now for Cash?

A Structured Settlement is designed for paying out for the financial obligations over a period of time, but what if you need your money today? Selling your structured settlement or your annuity for cash can be a lifesaver in some situations & fortunately, there’re a few reputable companies that can pay you a large lump sum in exchange for your future payments from structured settlement. However – how do you know if selling your annuity or structured payments is the best option for you? After all, every person’s situation is different. If you are in debt or require cash immediately, it may be prudent to sell all or part of your entitlements. There is more. This can potentially save you hundreds, or thousands of dollars $ that you would otherwise have to pay in interest.

Whether you have already decided to sell your structured settlement or annuity for cash, do shop around for best deal! Getting a good deal when it comes to structured settlements or annuities does pay off. You may end-up with much more money in your pocket as few fractions of percentage can make a big difference over the years.

Go ahead & use the Internet for research on your structured settlement or annuity.
Rush over to the Structured Settlements vs. Lump Sum of Cash article at section, where you will find a variety of valuable information about structured settlement & lump sum, as well as host of on line resources, calculators & structured settlement companies that can provide you with a free quote on structured settlement lump sum.

Chronic Migrane Headaches

Some people suffer from headaches on a regular basis. There is more. They have these aches & pains, occasionally pounding headaches that are caused by all kinds of things, from the weather to stress to hormones that are naturally in the body. But there is a type of headache that is much worse than the others put together & is enough to bring even the strongest of us to our knees. There is more. This is what’s commonly known as a migraine headache, & if the problem persists it can actually become chronic.

Migraines are typically broken down into two distinct types, some that come with an accompanying set of symptoms & another that does not have those symptoms. There is more. They include the following that may or may not accompany the headache, & usually occur before the headache begins. Light flashes & zigzag lines could be within your vision, & you may experience a hole in your line of sight, as if you can not see things when looking directly at them.

I know that my wife, when she has these signs can overcome the migraine by working on it at that point. The headache will then progress to perhaps a pain that is on one or both sides of the head, perhaps with pulsating or pounding sensations, nausea & an inability to function because of the pain. Some of the things that can cause a migrane headache are what are known as common triggers. There is more. They include hormonal changes in the body, different types of food, drinks, caffeine, nicotine, changes in the way that we sleep & in our environment & some medications that we may be taking.

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Psychiatry for Physicians – Amnestic Disorders

Amnestic disorders are characterized by inability to learn new information with the ability to recall very remote information. These disorders along with dementia & delirium were once called organic mental illnesses. But as most or all the mental illnesses have organic basis, the word organic is no more is in official use. Anything that damages the hippocampus-fornix-mammillary body-thalamus circuits can produce an amnestic disorder. In practice the most common causes of amnestic disorder are –

1. Head trauma

2. Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome

3. Stroke

4. Neoplasm

5. Herpes encephalitis

6. Anoxia

7. Hypoglycemia

8. Surgical procedures that disrupt medial temporal structure

There are some situations that can cause transient amnesia. They are –

1. Epileptic convulsions

2. Ischemic episodes

3. Transient global amnesia

Amnestic disorder can be further divided into the following categories –

1. Amnestic disorders caused by some general medical condition that include posttraumatic amnesia, poststroke amnesia etc.

2. Substance induced amnestic disorder that mainly shows the amnestic outcome of alcohol & benzodiazepine use.

Another variety of disorders other than amnestic disorders, can be described in brief with these. It is mental disorders due to a general medical condition. It has three main categories –

1. Catatonic disorder

2. Mental disorder not otherwise specified

3. Personality change

The personality changes are described as labile, disinhibited, aggressive, apathetic, combined, unspecified etc. Catatonic features are usually immobility, staring, mutism, withdrawal, refusal to eat, posturing, grimacing etc. Treatment of all these include symptomatic approach & treatment of the underlying disorder. A common drug used for such psychiatric problems is Lorazepam. But it must be prescribed & used under the supervision of duly authorized medical person.

About the Author:

Dr. Mohammad Samir Hossain PhD is a researcher teacher of Psychiatry & a Psychotherapist in Bangladesh. He is renouned for his educational & research activity in mental health sector nationally & internationally. The Dictionary of International Biography cites his brief biography starting from its 33rd edition. One of the best educational institutions involved with his educational activity is the Harvard Medical School of USA. Visit his personal page at

Some Cluster Headache Treatment Options

The cluster headache has two main characteristics. First, the cluster headache is very painful. The pain is so intense that some sufferers even feel that the condition is life threatening, which it is not. The second characteristic is the cyclical nature of the cluster headache. They tend to come a certain times & then last for many weeks or months & then disappear, occasionally for years,only to return again. So, before seeking cluster headache treatment, be sure that it is indeed what you are suffering from.

The best cluster headache treatment available is abortive oxygen treatment. The patient inhales pure oxygen through a mask for many minutes until the pain is gone. This treatment is very successful for many sufferers. Often, through oxygen inhalation the pain will be gone after just a few minutes. For others the relief may only be temporary & return after the sufferer stops inhaling the oxygen.

The only problem with the use of oxygen in cluster headache treatment is the inconvenience. Oxygen tanks are bulky, heavy & hard to carry around with you… Many people are now able to have them in their home in preparation for the onset of an attack. However – attacks may come when driving or while at work. Unless you purchase apparatus for home, car & work, then oxygen cluster headache treatment may not actually be always be available to you.

There are also some pharmaceutical options for cluster headache treatment. Imitrex (sumatriptan) is an injection that is often used to treat migraine headaches but has also been found to be effective with cluster headaches. Imitrex has side effects that the sufferer will want to consider together with their doctor before using this option.

There is also an IV drug that can be often used for cluster headache treatment. It is called dihydroergotamine & requires the sufferer to go straight to the doctor’s office to have the drug administered intravenously. This headache remedy is likewise very inconvenient because it requires a visit to the doctor’s office.

Consider the Cause of Your Headaches

Remember that even though we must depend on doctors to help us with cluster headache treatment, they are not always successful at diagnosing illnesses. Right. What may have all the symptoms of a cluster headache may in actual fact be something entirely different. By example, some foods cause headaches in some people. If you eat these foods occasionally, then the headaches they cause you may behave like cluster headaches, coming & going in episodes. Or, some foods may cause you headaches only some of the time. Since the pain would come in episodes the headaches would appear to be of the cluster variety.

If you are diagnosed with having cluster headaches, you should listen to your doctor, howeverdo not give up experimenting with your diet to see if some foods may actually be the cause. Or, if something you are eating is not causing the headaches, it could be making them more painful.

Finally, are you out of shape & do not eat healthily? Even though exercise & diet are not scientifically established causes of cluster headaches, I would definitely consider exercising more & eating better if I was consistently in a lot of pain. It is my sneaking suspicion that a lot of ailments are the result of a poor lifestyle & not just inevitable & unlucky occurrences we have no control over.

Jonathan Higgins writes on various health issues including the causes & treatments of headaches. He writes for many websites including Effective Headache Cures.

Overview On Structured Settlements In United States

Structured settlement is generally known as the replacement for the conventional lump sum cash settlement. In brief, a structured settlement is a contracted arrangement where the insurance company agrees to pay a predetermined periodic payment to the claimant. Most of the time, such payment is used to resolve personal injury tort claims or to compromise a statutory periodic payment obligation.

Structured settlement system was first introduced in Canada back in 1970s, followed by United States in the early 80s & then to the European countries. As the system is recommended by the Federals, structured settlement is a popular alternative to the lump sum cash settlement in United States.

Advantages of structured settlement system

Tax advantage

In United States, favorable tax treatment rules have been extended to the cash received under annuity payment agreement in order to encourage the use of structured settlement system. For instant, money income from structured settlement payment are not included in gross income when filing tax, this means that the payment from structured settlement is non-taxable.

With the money made with tax free dollars $ while maintaining a tax write-off, the annuity payments from a structured settlement system provide a steady cash flow to start a business or securing home mortgage installments.

Avoid dissipation risks

Besides, the structured system offers a perfect income stream where dissipation risks are minimized. It is very common for a lump sum settlement recipient to finish all the money in a short time as the money is like lottery winning. Most of these lump sum money are wasted in ineffective investment or unrealistic luxurious instead of securing life long income stream.

At the end of the day, some of the former recipients might have found themselves with no cash flow, relying on loans for family living expenses, or even relying on direct public assistance as a source of support for the rest of their life.


The payment stream in a structured settlement payment has no limitation at all. Depends on the arrangement between beneficiary & the insurance company, payment stream can be made the same each year, or increase annually; the payment period can be fixed at a certain length of time, or it can be set as lifetime basis. Besides, the structure settlement can be sold for instant cash as well during necessary. Selling a structured settlement gives the convenience in case that you need some instant cash to overcome major expenses in life such as purchasing a house or returning a loan.

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