Migraine And Diet, How To Combat Migraine

Several studies into migraine have found that there’re various food types that may serve as triggers for the painful condition. The numerous potential food triggers are why there is no definitive recommended migraine diet that can help alleviate the pain or abruptly stop the severe headaches. If you are one of those people who are suffering from occasional or even regular migraine attacks, it can be help-fulto know these trigger foods so you can avoid or skip the foods from your regular meals.

It has been estimated that there’re three times more women who are affected by migraines as compared to the number of men suffering from the painful attacks. Some experts assert that aside from the hormonal factor, the diet & food preference of women also serve as a significant aspect behind the statistics. It has been found that women generally have more sweet & sugary foods in their diets than men. It is believed that consumption of sweets may lead to the onset & manifestation of migraine & its symptoms.

Sugary foods & sweets should be avoided particularly because these foods contain refined carbohydrates that lead to higher blood sugar content in the blood. In turn, blood sugar content leads to actions of neurotransmitters of the nerves in the head, leading to throbbing pain in some parts of the head. Aside from that, your overall health should improve if you adopt a low-carbohydrate diet because carbohydrates are the main source of glucose & fats, that when stored within the body makes up body fats that lead to obesity & excessive weight.

Foods that contain artificial sweetener aspartame should also be avoided, as well as dishes that contain monosodium glutamate or MSG, which is a common taste enhancing ingredient of most Chinese & Asian cuisine. Nitrate containing processed food like hotdogs, corned beef & luncheon meat should also be avoided.

Aging cheese, caffeine in coffee, chocolate & even citrus fruits are also found to be common & effective causes of migraine attacks, so if you can avoid them, it would be very wise to do so. Alcoholic beverages like beer, red wine & other drinks are also common culprits leading to migraine attacks.

As for foods that are recommended for you to include in your diet, Vitamin B-rich foods lead the way. Green & leafy vegetables are the usual sources of Vitamin B-complex nutrients. Magnesium is one mineral nutrient that enables people to avoid & curtail migraine & other diseases.

To get a migraine friendly diet look to reduce the common trigger foods & maintain a diary to identify any trigger foods that are singular to you.

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