Headaches & Breastfeeding

Headaches are a hard thing to deal with. They seem to come on for many different reasons. Some people get them because of changes in the weather or barometric pressure, others because of allergies & still others get them because of stress. In actual fact, it seems that the reasons that different people get headaches is almost limitless. There is more. There is, however, an uncommon reason why some people get headaches, & that is when a nursing mother is breastfeeding. While this is not common, it does happen from time to time. What is it that causes headaches & breastfeeding & what can be done about it?

Breastfeeding headaches are thought to come on because of a release of a hormone in the system that causes lactating to occur. This hormone is known as Oxytocin, & is present in all lactating mothers. It is interesting to note that this chemical is also usually released into the body during a female orgasm, so it is not strange that you may also have a headache that is brought on by orgasm. There is not very much that can be done medically about this type of a headache because of the dangers of passing dangerous chemicals onto the baby, but some mothers have tried natural headache relief methods in the past & have found a measure of relief. Such natural methods of headache relief should also be done cautiously if you are breastfeeding because, remember, what you put into your body is passed along to the baby through the breast milk.

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