Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Case? Here’s an Important Tip

If you are serious about taking a medical malpractice case before a jury, be sure that you have written documentation for evidence. The more evidence that you document, the more credible your claim appears to the jury.

This is a simple step & all that is required is writing down what happens as the patient is receiving medical attention. This type of “journal” has many benefits. There is more. The first one, as stated above, makes the patient’s version of events & the overall case appear more credible to the jury or judge. It also helps stop possible errors, even if the medical malpractice claim is not being contemplated.

One example of documentation could be if a nurse or physician forgets to treat a patient with a certain dose of medication. The patient’s family might then remind the medical staff, so that the patient does not suffer as a result of the poor medication management. Afterwards the family should then document the times & dosages of medicine administered to the patient. This helps stop another medication mishap, & to avoid an overdose if it had not actually been documented by a nurse.

When documenting the events, be sure to portray your actions as help-ful& understanding. If you act as if you are threatening & second guessing, it may hurt your overall case because the defense lawyer will argue that you were building a case against them from the beginning.

In addition, documenting the events not only means to keep a written journal of what’s happening, but one should also be actively inquiring the nurse or physician about important events so that they can be charted accordingly. This is important as many times a nurse will forget to write vital information or events in their chart, because of a busy schedule or patient overload. Active documentation on your part will help remind them of these events. In actual fact, often times the nurse will make more effort to chart the events more timely & accurately, since they know that some one is making their own records simultaneously.

In all actuality, most health care professionals do not mind it when some one is keeping a journal to be helpful. Just be sure to stay calm & not act as if you are constantly interrogating the health care providers as this will insult them. The best way to document is in a quiet manner, gently asking important questions. Most physicians appreciate some one who has the patient’s best interest in mind.

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