Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Medical malpractice lawsuits can take a long time, depending on the complexity of the case. Most, but not all, cases are settled out of court. The settlement is usually the result of negotiations between the involved attorneys & the negotiations do not begin until after the end of medical treatment so all of the expenses are covered. Even so, the patient should seek the advice of an attorney as soon as possible. The patient is entitled to compensation for expenses, lost wages & damages for pain & suffering. Do you follow? The extent of the injury must be known before a lawsuit can be filed.

Medical malpractice is a form of personal injury law. An injury is a wrong that causes damages to the person, property, rights or reputation of the victim. The action that caused the injury may be intentional or accidental. The action happened & the result is that injury has been sustained. The individual who sustained the injury may be entitled to compensation as a result of the injury. This is why the individual needs to seek legal advice.

When you find the attorney that you can work with, be sure to follow his advice. The attorney & his staff are the experts in this area. They know the procedure & the protocol. Make sure they explain this to you so you know what to expect. You & your attorney should privately discuss what you want in the form of a settlement amount. The attorney should tell you what you can realistically expect. Once you have decided on the amount, he will present the amount to the other party’s law firm or insurance company. They usually take about thirty days to respond. They may accept the proposed settlement or, more likely, they will propose a counter-offer. Your law firm will relay this information. They should handle all contacts with the other party’s representatives. They are the experts in this kind of negotiation process. If the counter-offer is acceptable to you, then a settlement is reached. If not, the negotiations continue. Only you, the client can make the final decision regarding settlement. The attorney can not make the decision. He can only relay the information & offer advice.

Before hiring the attorney his fees should have been discussed. In malpractice cases the attorney’s fees are usually about one-third of the settlement amount, but this is negotiated between attorney & client. It is in the attorney’s best interest to do a good job for you.

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Frequent Headaches? Is It Your Excuse To Escape Life?

“Not tonight, I have a headache.” How often do we hear this? Do we always believe it? Actually it may be true. Headaches are as common as getting pimples & acne during adolescence. There are different varieties of headaches. There is more. They get triggered unknowingly by many common reasons.

Headaches Triggered By Food: Certain food or combination of foods causes headaches. Dairy products like cheese are very common. Apart from that chocolates, citrus fruits, tomatoes, figs & milk together & many more. Too much intake of sugar results in a rapid increase in the blood sugar level & triggers a high level of insulin; eventually this causes the blood sugar to fall even lower than before & a headache sets in.

If you are now able to pinpoint the ache after particular intake of food, then changing your diet can resolve this at an early stage.

Sometimes extreme cold temperatures & food like ice cream or a cold drink can cause numbness & trigger the pain. Others are affected by junk food & Chinese food which have a high content of monosodium glumate (MSG).

Another classic reason for headache is caffeine abuse. People who consume plenty of tea, coffee, colas & chocolate are prone to this. It is an addiction & the moment they stop drinking the required amount for the day, they suffer headaches as a sign of withdrawal symptom. Smoking also triggers aches in many people accompanied with the burning sensation of the eyes. There is more. The best solution would be to give up smoking or limit it as much as possible.

Medications Hit Back: There are many victims of headaches who start taking pills even before the onset of one. A slight stressful situation & they pop couple of them. But actually if you reduce the intake of such medications, the headaches will become less frequent.

Most medications taken are anti-inflammatory drugs. There is more. They seem to give the relief but they actually damage the lining of the stomach, liver & in *some* cases even kidneys. Regular intake of these tablets may give rise to analgesic abuse headache.

The best way to handle this is have green tea or hot milk with honey which create a soothing effect on the nerves. Some people get relaxed with cold water or ice packs placed on their head. Try as much as possible to reduce the pain with external methods rather than giving up & grabbing the bottle of pills.

Toxin Headaches: Severe constipation can also trigger headache. The toxins accumulated for a long period of time do not get a release & that leads to various side effects. A diet with a lot of fibre helps to solve this. Fruits like banana, apples & papaya work wonders. Along with that one needs to drink minimum eight glasses of water daily.

Hunger Headaches: This is very common when people skip breakfast or lunches & even those who crash diet. The level of sugar in the body gets lowered because of lack of nutrition; it leads to the ache. The person also suffers from irritability & mood swings. Eating a balanced meal & at regular intervals can easily cure this pain attack.

Activity Headaches: The things we love doing the most occasionally gives rise to headaches like watching television for a long time or working on the computer. The glare of the screen fatigues the eyes, causes strain & gives rise to the headache. Similarly listening to loud music, or even using headphones causes similar throbbing pain.

Sun exposure for a long time triggers the ache. In such situations, attempt to sit in the shade, drink plenty of fluids & relax. Wear sunglasses or some kind of headgear like hat or scarf so that you can enjoy playing your favorite sport like golf, tennis or even enjoy shopping in the sun.

Hangover Headaches: Weekend partying or pub hopping can result in too much drinking. Do you follow? The excess intake of alcohol causes dehydration. It also affects the sleep & causes lowering of the blood sugar level. An additive called congeners present in certain brands of alcohol is known to cause this pain. If you can limit your drinking & keep the body hydrated with a lot of water then this headache can be managed.

Tension Headaches: This is very common & it starts off with a mild throbbing & then intensifies as the day progresses & becomes unbearable by evening. Sometimes this extends to the neck causes stiffness & soreness. There is more. The only way to manage this is relax, learn some breathing exercises or take a walk. Seek advice from colleagues & friends to resolve the problem & feel at ease again.

Migraine – The Killer Headache: This is the most painful headache of all. Its classic symptoms are severe pain on one side of the head. It lingers for three to four days constantly. The sufferer feels nauseous or has a gastric problem & is affected by noise & light. These get triggered with various foods like cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits etc. There are medications available which should be consulted with the doctor before consumption.

Studies have shown that women get three times more headache than men & usually more of migraine. It is recommended that sufferers should eat well-balanced meals at proper intervals, exercise regularly & get sufficient hours of sleep. If you are unable to bear the pain & find the frequency of headache increased then it is best to seek a doctor’s advice.

Life has many ups & downs & such pains do interrupt us from our normal routine but precautions can be taken to maintain a successful & accomplished existence.

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Structured Life Settlements 101

The term structured life settlement is usually applied to a personal injury settlement of some type whereby an agreement has been reached to pay the settlement over an extended period of time rather than in a lump sum payment. The idea 💡 of life time settlements has grown more popular over the last few decades as research has shown that a very high percentage of people who receive large lump sum windfalls either as injury settlements or lottery winnings tend to have very little or any cash left after five years.

Another advantage of structured life settlements is that they usually are given tax breaks, & in *some* cases are even exempt from taxes altogether. Even though they are called life settlements, some of them can be structured to extend for a certain time period regardless of the life span of the person receiving the settlement. The remaining payments would be made to a persons beneficiaries or his estate in case of his death. It is always advisable to have an attorney with experience in life settlements review the details to insure that the total payments are not considerable under the original reward amount. An attorney can also advise on the tax liabilities of any decision.

There are other forms of life settlements beside the structured life settlement for personal injury judgments. Large lottery winnings are an example. Most large lottery winnings may be taken in a lump sum or spread over a long period. Even though most people opt for the lump sum payment, they often do not take into consideration the immense tax hit that the winnings will have to take. Often, the extended payment option is the wiser course.

Another form of life settlement has arisen around the life insurance industry. It originally began with the purchase of life insurance policies of seriously ill people. This came about when people who were diagnosed with fatal illness realized that they had no money to pay for treatments or to ease their remaining years. There is more. They did have large amounts of life insurance, but this money would not actually be theirs until they died, & did them no good. Investors would make life insurance settlements by paying cash to become the beneficiaries of the policy. Then the investor would wait until death took place & the cash the policy.

This form of life insurance settlement has also become popular for investors who are viewing people over sixty-five years old who do not care about heirs, & have inadequate retirement income. Investors make a settlement paying a lump sum value to become the beneficiary of the policy, & then just wait again for death to occur.

One sign of the popularity of structured life settlements is an increase in investing companies willing to buy out the settlements for lump sums of cash. A large sum of cash has always been a great temptation, & often people who wisely defer to the structured settlement find themselves regretting the decision & wishing another chance. The ultimate value of the structured life settlement approach is shown by the fact that serious investment firms are willing to purchase them for cash.

Natalie Aranda writes about health & personal finance. Another form of life settlements has arisen around the life insurance industry. It originally began with the purchase of life insurance policies of seriously ill people. This came about when people who were diagnosed with fatal illness realized that they had no money to pay for treatments or to ease their remaining years. There is more. They did have large amounts of life insurance, but this money would not actually be theirs until they died, & did them no good. Investors would make life insurance settlement by paying cash to become the beneficiaries of the policy. Then the investor would wait until death took place & the cash the policy

The Link Between Triptans & Migraines

For those who do not suffer from migraine headaches or have never had one, understanding the agony sufferers’ bear is not possible. No amount of description can adequately explain the pain, dizziness, lack of focus, even delirium that migraines can cause. For migraine sufferers, finding a guaranteed cure other than excruciatingly waiting it out has proven elusive.

This is because scientists & doctors still do not have a fail-safe hold on what causes migraines. Initially, it was thought that migraines were figments of imagination – even mental illness was suspected as a cause. With time, the medical community came to believe that they were cause just by swollen blood vessels pressing nerves.

The drugs used to beat these types of migraines caused the dilated blood vessels to constrict. This removed pressure from the nerves & stopped the pain. Unfortunately, they were not always successful & often did not create a permanent cure – leading scientists to look for a more encompassing cause of migraines & to search to treat the pain at its source.

What the scientists found surprised 😮 them. Instead of just one cause (swollen blood vessels pushing on nerves), they found that migraines are caused by a cornucopia of reasons including chemical & electrical reactions affecting blood vessels as well flow of powerful neurochemicals. According to researchers, the neurotransmitter serotonin was a main component of the subject’s migraines. As such, the pharmacologists created a drug that interacted with serotonin & hindered the migraine chemistry (example sumatriptan or brand name Imitrex).

Future generations of this class of drugs evolved & eventually auxiliary symptoms of migraines were included in the medical mix, including nauseasness, vomiting, & sensitivity to light. The result was a newer class of drugs, released in the mid-nineties called “Triptans.” The initial side effects of Triptans included , tingling, a warm sensation, & a light feeling of pressure in the chest.

Are Triptans effective? That depends on who you ask. With some, they are a God-send. With others, they help, but not completely. Still with others, they have no affect at all.

Additionally, because of the chest pressure existing in some patients, Triptans are not normally prescribed for individual persons with heart conditions or a higher risk of stroke. As noted, Triptans do not always work with every migraine sufferer. This has led scientists to look into migraines even more & new discoveries have begun to yield new hope to sufferers who have the thorniest types of headaches.

One benefit of Triptans is that they come in pill form when usual treatments of migraines were primarily injections. Since sumatriptan was developed, other more advanced varieties of triptans have followed suit. For instance, naratriptan (Amerge), Zolmitriptan (Zomig), & rizatriptan (Maxalt) are prime examples.

Triptans do not work for everyone. For all those who do, Triptans are truly a miracle drug. Working with your physician if you suffer from migraines will allow you to determine if Triptans are right for you & if they are the type of treatment you need.

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An Alzheimer’s Symptom Is More Than Just Forgetting

Most people think the only Alzheimer’s symptom is forgetting. But Alzheimer’s symptoms go beyond Grandma forgetting where she put her glasses. Alzheimer’s disease robs men & women of their ability to think clearly by slowly destroying brain cells. An Alzheimer’s symptom often shows itself gradually, progressing from what seems to be simple memory loss to a total dependence of the patient on a family member or caregiver.

An Alzheimer’s symptom may often disguise itself as just an every day lapse in memory, or irritability at a daily situation. Family members may dismiss the Alzheimer’s symptom in their loved one as simply a sign of getting older. The Alzheimer’s Association has complied a list of symptoms that should serve as warning signs to families who think they have Alzheimer’s disease.

Memory loss is the most well-known Alzheimer’s symptom. If you tell Grandpa he is going to the grocery store & he forgets 20 minutes later, he may have Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s patients have difficulty planning & doing every day activities. There is more. They often forget what you just told them but may remember a story form childhood.

Not completing every day activities is another Alzheimer’s symptom. The grandmother who used to cook large Sunday dinners will have a hard time making a sandwich for herself. Bills may pile up on a table, unpaid because the Alzheimer’s patient can not remember & has lost track of them.

Alzheimer’s patients may have a hard time telling their loved ones that about their difficulties–another Alzheimer’s symptom. They can not find the right words to say or their words are hard to understand.

Another Alzheimer’s symptom is losing a sense of time & place. There are well-publicized accounts of Alzheimer’s patients getting lost after wandering away from home. They also may not remember how to get home from a simple shopping trip.

Seeing Grandma with a fur coat on in July is another Alzheimer’s symptom. Dementia patients lack good judgment. This is why telemarketers prey on the elderly–their lack of judgment often leads them to give away large sums of money.

If your loved one has lost track of her or his money, it is another Alzheimer’s symptom. The grandfather who was once a financial wizard may forget how to balance his checkbook. Simple math problems are now complex.

In fact, you may find Grandpa’s checkbook in the microwave oven–another Alzheimer’s symptom. Alzheimer’s patients often forget where they have placed things because they put them in strange places. Right. While it can be comical to find Grandma’s support hose in the refrigerator, it a serious sign something is wrong.

A common Alzheimer’s symptom shows itself in personality changes. Mood swings are common in Alzheimer’s patients. Men & women who were once independent cling to relatives. There is more. They are anxious, scared & confused. The patients may sleep a lot & when they are awake have no desire to venture outside the homes.

An Alzheimer’s symptom or symptoms will vary from person to person. Those who believe her or his loved one has Alzheimer’s disease should talk with their doctor about the Alzheimer’s symptom.

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An ER Visit May Endanger, Not Save, Your Life

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the number of people dying from medical malpractice each year in the United States is growing. Medical malpractice deaths have become the third leading cause of death in the United States according to JAMA, after heart disease & cancer. Malpractice occurs frequently & patients are treated inadequately, especially in our nation’s emergency rooms.

Emergency rooms are designed to treat a large number of people with a wide range of medical problems ranging from common ailments such as the flu to life-threatening injuries such as gunshot wounds & open head injuries. Right. We tend to believe that if we go straight to an ER or are taken to one by an ambulance, we will be evaluated fairly quickly & be seen by an experienced ER physician & ER staff. That is not always the case.

Staff in emergency rooms are trained in what’s called triage, the assessment of the seriousness of a medical condition in order to provide prompt care if needed. A faulty assessment during triage can lead to a delayed diagnosis & delayed treatment, both of which can result in death in an already-critically ill patient.

Even though ER staff are trained to work in a fast-paced environment & treat patients efficiently, our nation’s ER’s have become busier & busier, & even the most highly-trained ER specialists can notkeep up with the demands of the ER patients. For this reason, some patients are waiting many hours to be seen; understaffed ERs are also a enormousproblem in this country. Sometimes there simply are not enough nurses & doctors in the ER to get to all of the patients in a timely manner. Emergency rooms can be a very stressful work environment for doctors & their staff as some ERs do not even have the necessary equipment to provide patients the proper care.

Common emergency errors are:

· Failure to adequately monitor a patient while in the ER
· Not getting a complete medical history/drug allergy information
· Late or wrong diagnosis
· Failure to fully evaluate/treat a patient’s condition
· Prescribing incorrect medication
· Faulty or incomplete laboratory testing
· Contaminated blood transfusions

Failing to get & review thorough medical histories, failing to do adequate testing & failing to provide proper treatment to a patient are inexcusable emergency room errors that happen every day in our country. A trip to the ER should save your life, not endanger it.

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Brain Injury Lawyer

Some times in life we face terrible experiences. Some people have experienced traumatic things such as a birth injury in a child. A person may not understand what happened. What went wrong? How do you find out? This is a good time to know that a Birth Injury Lawyer may be the best help you can get.

You can easily find one on the Internet . But remember this is a very specialized field of Law. The Lawyer must be an expert .

A Birth Injury Lawyer can help you get the information you need so that you know what happened & if there is some one at fault. If there is, he can best help you seek justice. If it becomes clear that there was negligence on the part of some individual he can help prepare the necessary documents for legal redress.

You must understand that such an injury is not always the fault of somebody. But the The Birth Injury Lawyer can help you determine that & explain the situation to you… This will at least give you peace of mind knowing that it was something that just happened that was not avoidable.

It is good to know that you can easily find a Birth Injury Lawyer. In these complex situation the family lawyer will just not do. So be sure to look for that expert. This is your best chance that you will be assured of the best results. Fortunately you can find these expert on the Internet in almost every State of the Union.

As a former Judge I would like to make one last observation, Legal Experts in this area are generally very sensitive & great supporters for the families suffering from such a traumatic situation.

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Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Fees

Cerebral palsy is a form of lifelong disability that many children are victim too. It is said to be caused due to medical negligence. In these cases, dealing & living with a child suffering form cerebral palsy is a strain not only on a parent’s mental & physical being, but also on the economical & monetary expenses they must bear. Therefore, it is wise to appoint a cerebral palsy lawyer who can help get lawful monetary assistance.

Cerebral palsy lawyers serve & help clients to get justice due to any negligence on the part of caregivers, hospitals or schools. For all of their services & legal advice they charge a fee. This fee may differ from lawyer to lawyer. Some will offer a free assessment of your case & after thorough investigation, will let you know the actual fee for their services.

A cerebral palsy lawyer’s fee may vary & depend upon many factors. Different lawyers charge varied fees, & those who have had years of experience & who have proved to be successful in most cases will usually charge more than a new lawyer. Moreover, in some instances the seriousness & complexity of the case can be an important factor in deciding upon the fees. In some countries, there’re associations & NGO’s that have a pool of lawyers under one roof to serve cerebral palsy cases. There is more. The fees charged by these cerebral palsy lawyers are much more affordable than a private consultation. Lastly, depending upon your suitability & case, a choice of the appropriate cerebral palsy lawyer can be made.

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Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Case? Here’s an Important Tip

If you are serious about taking a medical malpractice case before a jury, be sure that you have written documentation for evidence. The more evidence that you document, the more credible your claim appears to the jury.

This is a simple step & all that is required is writing down what happens as the patient is receiving medical attention. This type of “journal” has many benefits. There is more. The first one, as stated above, makes the patient’s version of events & the overall case appear more credible to the jury or judge. It also helps stop possible errors, even if the medical malpractice claim is not being contemplated.

One example of documentation could be if a nurse or physician forgets to treat a patient with a certain dose of medication. The patient’s family might then remind the medical staff, so that the patient does not suffer as a result of the poor medication management. Afterwards the family should then document the times & dosages of medicine administered to the patient. This helps stop another medication mishap, & to avoid an overdose if it had not actually been documented by a nurse.

When documenting the events, be sure to portray your actions as help-ful& understanding. If you act as if you are threatening & second guessing, it may hurt your overall case because the defense lawyer will argue that you were building a case against them from the beginning.

In addition, documenting the events not only means to keep a written journal of what’s happening, but one should also be actively inquiring the nurse or physician about important events so that they can be charted accordingly. This is important as many times a nurse will forget to write vital information or events in their chart, because of a busy schedule or patient overload. Active documentation on your part will help remind them of these events. In actual fact, often times the nurse will make more effort to chart the events more timely & accurately, since they know that some one is making their own records simultaneously.

In all actuality, most health care professionals do not mind it when some one is keeping a journal to be helpful. Just be sure to stay calm & not act as if you are constantly interrogating the health care providers as this will insult them. The best way to document is in a quiet manner, gently asking important questions. Most physicians appreciate some one who has the patient’s best interest in mind.

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Different Types of Headaches

Close to 90% of the population will suffer from some type of headache during the year. The good news is that about 95% of all headaches are just that – headaches – in that they are not caused by some type of underlying condition. Only about five percent of all headaches fall under the category of secondary, meaning that they are caused by another condition such as sinusitis, meningitis, brain tumors, etc.

Tension headaches account for about 85% of all headaches. Pain usually centers around the back of the neck & on the scalp, & is generally considered mild to moderate. Contrary to popular belief, men & women suffer from tension headaches at an equal rate, & the pain can last for just a few hours or up to a full day.

Migraine headaches are the second most common primary headache, & they affect women more often than they do men. Pain ranges from mild to debilitating, & often is concentrated on one side of the head, occasionally behind the eye, even though the pain can shift from side to side. Symptoms can also include changes in vision, such as seeing spots, nausea, vomiting, & sensitivity to light & sound. If headaches occur frequently, it is advisable to seek professional help, as over the counter medications are often not effective in targeting these types of headaches.

The least common & most painful type of primary headache is the dreaded Cluster. The name is appropriate since the pain occurs in clusters that can last for a few minutes to a few hours, at least once a day for many weeks/months, often at the same time of day. Men are affected more often than women, & those who smoke and/or drink heavily are at greater risk. Symptoms of cluster headaches are unusual as well & include red, watery or swollen eyes, facial swelling & nasal congestion. Cluster headaches also have a tendency to strike a few hours into one’s sleep.

There are many different “triggers” for headaches, ranging from environmental factors such as weather & air quality, foods, food additives & posture. Since it can be hard to determine the cause of your headaches, it might be very useful to keep a headache journal. Note the time of day your headache begins, the duration, any pain relievers taken, what you ate, where you were & what you were doing.

Meanwhile, an easy fix is simply to ensure that you are maintaining proper posture both during the day & at night. Poor posture for even brief periods can directly result in headaches & related problems. Contour Living is a leader in the comfort & support industry & gives many products designed to alleviate these problems.

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