10 Tips for Frequent Headache Relief

Headaches can interrupt your life & can be exhausting. After a day with a headache, all you may want to do is go in a room, curl up in a ball, & go straight to sleep. However – life & family responsibilities do not always let this happen. How can you effectively deal with a headache? Here are ten tips designed to help you get headache relief.

1. If possible, spend ½ an hour in a cool, dark room in a quiet part of your home. If you have children, ask another adult to play quietly with them away from the room or take them out of the house for a short while. Take time to close your eyes & if you drift off to sleep, great.

2. Put a cool 8) cloth on your forehead or over your eyes for ten minutes. Many people find this soothing & studies have shown that this simple action can alleviate a headache.

3. Have a cup of coffee or tea. Caffeine can help ease the pain of a headache. In actual fact, many over the counter headache remedies contain caffeine for this reason. A simple pick-me up may be just what you need.

4. Use pressure points to alleviate your headaches. There are many pressure points on the head that respond immediately when the correct pressure is applied. If you live with a partner, you can study these pressure points together.

5. Avoid smoking or tobacco smoke. This can aggravate headaches. Exposure to tobacco smoke on a regular basis can trigger headaches.

6. Drink one or two glasses of water. Many headaches are caused by dehydration. Simply drinking some water at the onset of a headache can do wonders to alleviate your headache.

7. Open the windows. Stale, stagnant air can trigger headaches. The fresh air & sunshine may help to provide you headache relief.

8. Have your eyes checked. You may need to get glasses or have your prescription increased. There are many eye centers in popular shopping areas that can do a complete vision screen in less than an hour.

9. Take a daily multi-vitamin. Studies have revealed that many of the people who regularly experience chronic headaches are deficient in magnesium. This mineral allows blood vessels to relax, which prevents headaches.

10. Keep a headache journal. This will allow you to recognize patterns & triggers for your headaches. You can take this journal with you to the doctor when you discuss your headaches. This information will provide your doctor with a very clear picture of your symptoms.

As you learn more about your headaches, you may find that some treatments work better for you than others. Once you know your triggers, you may even be easily able to stop your headaches from occurring as regularly.

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